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TECx - Technology Entrepreneurs Creative Arts Mix 2023

TECx is the premier event celebrating the convergence of technology and the arts. Remarkable advances in AI, machine learning, VR/AR, Metaverse, Geoverse, Blockchain, Biotech, Edtech, Agitech, CleanTech, Robotics, among many other technologies, will revolutionize the human experience. Will PE-type investments accelerate this revolution and capitalize on Vietnam’s ascending growth?

The eighth installation of TECx 2023 highlights how these technologies impact the creative arts and dive into whether these industries will benefit from PE investments.  At the forefront of these technologies is AI, which has rapidly advanced in the past decade, allowing for the creation and manipulation of visual art, including film and TV content. Should AI stories be granted originality for purposes of copyright protection? Who owns such works and how can they be distributed? How about AI-generated characters and voices? The impact of AI in the film and TV industry will be profound.

Similarly, music continues to undergo major changes in production and distribution via technology, including musical composition and performance in the metaverse. The event will explore several business models for music, in various formats, venues, and metaverse media. Our speakers will also address whether existing licensing, contract, marketing, and other related laws will be applicable in the virtual space or if new regulations will need to be created.

Along with substantive business discussions, the event will feature special sessions for aspiring artists and other stakeholders in the tech, film and music industries. Everyone is invited to experience this major Media, Music and Motion event.  Attendees will enjoy a truly unique experience unlike any other tech event in Vietnam!

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