The journey of return can be experienced on an exclusive meditation retreat following the TECx event. This whole day retreat takes place on Sunday, June 25, 2023, and will highlight the five senses: touch, hear, taste, smell, and taste. Enjoy a comfortable ride on our 9-massage seat luxury transport to Doc Mo Farm, a farm stay located in Dong Nai province. You will be greeted by a lush garden that excites your senses. The farm stay will invite and take care of you, refreshing you with traditional food, fruits from the garden, and unique homemade snacks. You will have a chance to pick a variety of ripe fruits and learn about their story, participate in healing activities like Himalayan Singing Bowl, Yoga, and more.

Experts in Himalayan singing bowls, Yoga, and history will join the retreat to make your visit memorable and insightful. Many of us are often so busy in our lives working and pushing through life’s obstacles. Eating food and even doing workouts are rushed through without much thought. At the retreat, you will calm yourself through a therapeutic experience, using the Himalayan singing bowls, you will train with body movements and sounds to reach tranquility. Our certified instructors will share with you ways to connect with your inner self and make your energy flow more balanced. Even more, you will be enlightened by cultural stories and traditions, to gain a deeper sense of knowledge and appreciation for the environment which surrounds us.

SAVVi Code has connected to a local farm stay not far from Saigon to share a unique day experience for those visiting the area for the very first time. This is an outdoorsy escape into nature not to be missed, great for bonding with the family or enjoying a relaxing and healing weekend with new friends. If you are interested to join, please sign-up here to receive more information.