Film Industry

[June 23rd ]
01:30pm - 02:30pm
Theme: Breakout 7b: Screenwriting Panel Discussion: Breaking into and growing the industry

Binh Bong Bot (or Tran Minh) is a screenwriter, journalist, and translator loved for his humor and grace. He is the author behind many great and famous interviews on Kenh14. Before becoming famous as a screenwriter, Binh Bong Bot was known to many people through his in-depth analysis in the fields of film, sports, art and society. With a witty but sharp voice, his articles always attract the attention of a large audience. He believes that quality writing is respect to readers. Therefore, he is always careful, meticulous, and refined with his words so that his message is conveyed to the fullest. Despite being successful in journalism and advertising, Binh Bong Bot suddenly shifted the direction of his career into film making. Over the past year, he has been successful as a screenwriter. Although he just started his career as a screenwriter, he already has 6 screenplays: 30 is not Tet yet, Blood Moon Party, Trang Ti, Guardian Angel, Sister Muoi Ba (part 2), and Em and Trinh.