Film Industry

Born Do Thi Hai Yen in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam, Yen started her acting career in 1999 at 17 years of age with a minor role in The Vertical Ray of the Sun (2000), and then in 2002 in Song of the Stork (2002), which took her to the Paris Film Festival in 2003, as the film was nominated for a Grand Prix Award, and had previously won Best Feature Film at the Milan Film Festival that same year.

Her break out role came in 2002 when she was cast as the female love interest in The Quiet American (2002). She followed that with leading roles in Chuyen cua Pao (2006)Adrift (2009), and The Floating Lives (2010). Do Thi Hai Yen’s latest work at the time of this writing was in the 2015 production of Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories (2015)

Do Thi Hai Yen is also a Vietnamese ambassador and honor guest for several luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Motorola V8Luxury, and Escada.