Huy Tuan Studio

[June 22nd]
02:45pm - 03:45pm
Theme: Breakout 2b: A Brief History of Vietnamese Music
Huy Tuan, full name is Bui Huy Tuan, born September 17, 1970 in Ha Long, Quang Ninh, is a Vietnamese musician, music producer, and music director. In addition, he is an artist who has received 3 nominations for the Contribution Award. Huy Tuan is considered as one of the factors contributing to the orientation of music perception thinking for Vietnamese music lovers.
As a musician whose compositions are loved by the public, Huy Tuan has also participated in many television programs, typically as a judge for Talent Search: Vietnam’s Got Talent or music director for Vietnam Idol (referring to this story). from season 3 – 2010). Currently, he is a producer for many singers such as Van Mai Huong, Son Tung M-TP, Anna Truong, Uyen Linh, Dinh Manh Ninh,…