Glass Egg Digital Media

[June 22nd]
01:30pm - 02:30pm
Theme: Breakout 1b: Tech in the Vietnamese Film Industry
[June 22nd]
02:45pm - 04:00pm
Theme: Breakout 2b: A Brief History of Vietnamese Music
[June 23rd]
Theme: Breakout 10b: Music Production (Part 2)

Phil Tran is a retired businessman after he exited Glass Egg Digital Media in May of 2022. A self confess start up junkie, he started over a dozen businesses during his 30 years in Vietnam. From a family close to the Arts in Vietnam, in 1940 his grandfather opened the first Cải Lương troupe in Ha Noi. The Tố Như theater occupied the main corner of Hang Bac in the old quarter of Hanoi and was billed as Tiếng Chuông Vàng Thủ Đô. Tố Như dissolved in 1946 due to the outbreak of the first Indochina war while performing in Hai Phòng. Tố Như would reinvent itself in Saigon as Kim Chung in 1954 and remain relevant if not dominant until 1975. In 1950 his family made the first feature film in Vietnam, Kiếp Hoa. The movie was shot by a crew from Hong Kong. The movie was a block buster and gained fame for many of the actors and actresses and their descendants to this day.