Earth Venture Capital

[June 22nd]
05:45pm - 06:45pm
Theme: Breakout 4a: Impact and Climate Tech Investments in Vietnam

Tien Nguyen started his business life as an entrepreneur in Education Technology in 2010. After successfully exiting from his first startup, Tien emerged to found and manage 4 startups in Digital Loyalty Program, IT outsourcing, venture capital investment and strategy consulting. Two among them were fully exited with 20x valuation.

Tien received a fellowship from the Irish Government and studied Master of Strategic Management and Planning at University College Dublin, Ireland. He found 2 companies in England and Ireland while investing in ACT Venture Capital, a 400-million-euro venture fund supported by the EU. In 2017, Tien joined a team of 200 senior researchers to work on an intensive project “Strategic Urban Planning for Beijing in 2050” in Beijing, China. The program is supported by the Chinese Government and operated by TsingHua University, where Tien got an honour certificate in Chinese Business and Strategy. Together with professors from Shanghai Jiaotong and Tsinghua University, Tien found 3 companies in China in Steel 3D Printing, Professional Training and Internet of Things.

Based in London, Tien and his fund management team reach out to invest across Europe, America, China and South East Asia. The team focuses on ICT, Internet of Things, Hardware Development, Strategy Consulting and Regional Development. The investment from 400,000 to 2 million euros per deals. The expected return is 5x to 20x.